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  • Sessions are one (1) hour in length 

  • All fitness levels are welcome

  • All experience levels are welcome

  • All ages are welcome

  • You will be learning and practicing boxing techniques and tactics

    • You may spar if you are interested in doing so​

    • You do not have to spar, or engage in contact if you don't wish to

  • You may bring your own equipment and gear if you prefer, but you will be provided with hand wraps and gloves.

  • Dress appropriately for comfort


  • Boosts self esteem & self confidence

  • Improves health & fitness level
    (weight loss, muscle development, cardiovascular conditioning... to highlight a few)

  • Empowers individuals with the ability to defend themselves

  • Develops character & promotes self reflection

  • Stimulates the mind to be able to think, and process information faster

  • Helps us remain calm under stressful conditions

  • Keeps us humble, and alert... that we are equally capable, as vulnerable

  • Develops discipline, and routine in our lifestyle

  • Encourages creativity in our problem solving skills

  • Lowers our prejudice; by meeting others, and being surprised by others

  • Great stress reliever / anger release

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