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Why Choose Gowie Boxing?


Stop missing out!

Have an instructor come to you. Avoiding travel, avoiding traffic, avoiding hassle.

Enjoy your lessons outdoors

when the weather is good. Why not enjoy your lessons in the sunshine and fresh air.


Lifestyle habits that stay with you!


Of course boxing can get you seriously fit.


But, more importantly being healthy is a lifestyle.


We promote lasting lifestyle habits.


Don't get left behind!

Easy to grasp concepts that will have you above average, in less time than a school semester.

Learn what others are learning, but learn it faster, and better.


Everyone deserves to be able to defend themselves!


Knowing how to fight boosts confidence, self-esteem, and can lower anxiety.

Plus, you learn a life long skill that sticks with you; and can even be passed on.


We save you time and money in the long run!


We don't model ourselves on keeping you taking lessons forever... saving you money.

And we save you time by giving you in three (3) months, what commonly takes years to develop elsewhere.

It's Downright Cool

It's trending!


We all know of some famous martial artist or fighter, even if just in movies.

And everyone pretty much agrees that they're cool, BECAUSE they can fight.

Don't be the person who can't.

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